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1. The Elite Candace

This once a week plan is perfect for someone who has a large and extensive property, and is unable to care for it on their own.

2. The Jacobsen Monthly 

This once a month plan is ideal for someone who likes to be active in the garden, but needs help with the larger tasks.

3. The 5th Season

This plan of 5 visits per year is designed for someone who can handle majority of the garden maintenance, and who’s budget dictates fewer visits.

Maintenance packages include

• Pruning trees and evergreens
• Composting at least once per year
• Planting new plant material
• Fertilizing
• Splitting perennials
• Mowing and edging
• Controlling weeds, moss, and crabgrass
• Yard debris removal
• General cleanup & detail work

Urban Garden Design:

We would love to help you make your garden dreams come true...:-) Let us meet to define your must-haves, desires, and of course budget—$125 for a face-to-face consultation. This is a general meet and greet, no detailed design ideas. We will give you our thoughts and an estimate in a design proposal, including overseeing the project to its completion. 

Our Annual Maintenance Plans:

Plants are just like pets, they need food, water, and nurturing. This is why a good annual maintenance plan is vital to your newly installed landscape—one that fits your particular garden. For any irrigation and hardscape needs, we work with sub-contractors. Below are the 3 plans we offer. Please call for a quote.

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"Holly, Thanks again for all your expertise... The yard looks lovely!" ~ Laurie M.

"The White Pear, as usual, did excellent work. People stop and admire the garden.
If I'm out working in the yard they will stop to pay a compliment.
Holly, you're an artist." ~ Maureen C.