You don’t just buy a pet dog or cat and forget about it. Your pets need food, water and nurturing. Plants are just like pets, they need food, water and nurturing. This is why a good maintenance plan is vital to your newly installed landscape. One that fits your particular needs. At The White Pear we pride ourselves on our eye for detail. Below are the 3 plans we offer.

 1. The Elite Candace - Once a week
This plan is perfect for someone who has a large and extensive property and is unable to care for it on their own.

2. The Jacobson Monthly - Once a month
This plan is ideal for someone with a more manageable property and is able to take care of some the weekly tasks.

3. The 5th Season - 5 Times a Year
This plan is for someone who can handle the more manageable jobs of yard maintenance but needs help with general cleanup, pruning trees and evergreens, etc.

Our Maintenance packages include:
• Mowing, trimming, and fertilizing lawns
• Trimming hedges, and shrubs
• Pruning trees and evergreens
• Planting and removing Perennials
• Managing your irrigation
• Controlling Weeds, moss, crabgrass
• Laying compost
• Rubbish removal
Repairs to hardscapes
• General Cleanup and detail work