Movie Night in the Garden

Catching the last bits of summer... What a better way than Movie Night in the Garden.  I grew up in Los Angeles and drive-ins were a thrilling night out for us kids.  We'd take three cars and then all shift around when we got there; my mom and dad in one car, my sister and I in another car, and my aunty and my two brothers in her car.  And, being Hawaiian, we packed a picnic dinner of musubi, sliced fried egg roll, teri chicken, vienna sausage (Yes, don't gag… besides the crap in them, they're quite tasty especially with rice; not that I eat them anymore), sliced fried tofu, fish cake, and daikon - We LOVED it...:)  We'd pass the goodies from car to car through the windows.  I miss those days, but they are etched in my memory of my childhood.

So, last Thursday the 19th of September, it was 80 degrees here in Portland, Oregon.  It was the perfect evening for girlfriend Movie Night in the Garden, and Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice with Keira Knightley - beautifully written, directed, gorgeously filmed, well-acted, funny, sad, romantic; my favorite kind of movie.  My girlfriend Melanie and I were cozy, snuggled on our loungers with my furry loved ones - homemade popcorn with a drizzle of real butter and sea salt, and bricks of dark chocolate with almonds, and of course prosecco… need I say more?

Munching out on popcorn with a bit of girl-talk before hitting 'play.'   Photo by Fred Stickley

Munching out on popcorn with a bit of girl-talk before hitting 'play.' 
Photo by Fred Stickley

I think there's something magical about watching a movie at night outdoors; I love the fresh air and the sounds of night in the background.  I like to stage the setting with lots of soft lighting, so we're not sitting in blackness - stringed lights on my trellis, landscape lighting in the garden, lots of candles, tiki torches, and sometimes I'll move an indoor light outside just for the evening.  Soft lighting makes the scene more inviting and lively.

So, when the weather warms back up (we may get lucky in October), try a Movie Night in the Garden - pull out a futon, sleeping bags, pillows, umbrella, set up the tv and dvd player, have lots of goodies, make it cozy... make it magical!

Enjoy and always love hearing from you... Don't hesitate to drop a comment in the comment box below.  Give it a little time to show up; the computer has to think...:)

Till the next time...

Love, Holly ~ Your Queen Bee at The White Pear