Pam's Blood Orange Margaritas

A few Sunday's past, I celebrated with my girlfriends a significant birthday for one of our Spice girlfriends.  Spice is the 'club' name for this group of girlfriends.  I wasn't around when the term was coined, but I hear it has a torrid past…:)  In light of the recent tragic events that week in Boston, W. Texas, and Bangladesh, the party was perfect timing - a chance to be with loving friends, to laugh, and to share.

I was hoping for a warmer day than 50's and chance of rain… not good.  I kept hesitating to set my cocktail and appetizer table out in the garden, but the light outside was so beautiful - soft, but brilliant.  My other career is architecture photography,  so I'm very sensitive to the look, color, and feel of light.  So, I went for it, cold and all, which is why we're wearing jackets and sweaters in the photo.  I'm not wearing a sweater because I was in denial…:) 

We had a happy, chatty cocktail hour.  Pam, our mixologist, made her famous Blood Orange Margaritas, and Prosecco was the second choice.  The Blood Orange Margaritas were wonderfully delicious, a nice change from the traditional margarita.  Check out Pam's recipe below.  The menu for the lunch included my Mexican Shrimp Salad - great for a summer al fresco main dish - stay tuned for the posting of this recipe.  The grilled chicken and peppers, guacamole as a side dish, (fresh and chunky), and homemade pinto beans were all to-die-for. 

Blood Orange Margaritas and Prosecco!  The Spice Girls minus three, plus Chester the Havanese boy, hangin' with the girls...:)

Blood Orange Margaritas and Prosecco!  The Spice Girls minus three, plus Chester the Havanese boy, hangin' with the girls...:)

After a roaring round of "Happy Birthday," the b-day girl blew out the colorful tall candles that sat on top the assortment of colorful Saint Cupcakes, that sat on top the pedestal plate... very elegant - for cupcakes!  Fresh fruit and Greek yogurt, and more Prosecco, rounded out the perfect dessert.  We were all quite happy choosing which cupcake to eat.  We started splitting them in half, so we could get a taste of all the flavors and keep the not so good carbs down…:)

Take time to enjoy your friends and to write down significant times spent together, because those memories do tend to fade as we get older.  Good friends are so meaningful to living a full life, because sharing is what it is all about.

I'd like to share with you a recipe for Pam's Blood Orange Margaritas.

For approximately 8 servings.  Make a sweet and sour mix in this proportion:
Juice of 8 medium Blood Oranges
Juice of 4 plump limes
1 cup cranberry orange juice

The key is in the juice of the fruit, as it varies in amount and sweetness, so taste test to your liking.

For one grande or 2 smaller cocktails, mix in a shaker the following proportions:
2 shots of the sweet and sour mix
3 shots of tequila

Shake and serve over ice.  If you like salt with your traditional margarita, a blood orange margarita is also delicious with a rim of salt.  Garnish with lime.  This will make one grande or two smaller servings.  Pour me a Grande!

Anyone else have a special cocktail recipe you'd like to share?  Check out the links at the bottom of this post.  You can comment, like, and share.   Enjoy and always love hearing from you.

Till the next time...

Love, Holly ~ Your Queen Bee at The White Pear