The White Pear was founded on a simple philosophy: to inspire and help people make their gardens and outdoor
living spaces more beautiful, functional, and healthy. We believe time spent outdoors in the garden is the best daily rejuvenator for our fast-paced lives.

At The White Pear, we take care of all your garden and outdoor living needs: Design & Build—Pinch & Prune—Dig & Plant—Mow & Blow—Furnishings & Fabrics.

Each outdoor living space is a collaboration of our client’s aesthetic, lifestyle, character of the site, and our experience in capturing the essence of it all. As a garden is ever evolving, we strive to build lasting relationships, and to exceed expectations both yours and ours.

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As a twenty-something gardener, living in an apartment in Los Angeles with no soil to plant in, Holly Stickley started her love for gardening, by gardening in pots. Her apartment walkway was overflowing with pots of flowers, butterflies, and bees.

Shortly, after graduating from UCLA, she began studying interior design at The Fashion Institute for Design and Merchandising in LA, and spent time in London, studying the gardens and interiors of the historic homes. It was an exciting time—a world filled with art history, design, and plants.

While working as an interior designer, Holly enjoyed taking photographs of the interiors that she was exposed to, and became consumed with the beauty of photography. Upon moving to the Pacific Northwest, Holly began studying architecture photography, taking courses at the renown Santa Fe workshops. She began a successful career as a photographer for architects, designers, magazine and book publishers. But, after more than a decade, her true love beckoned—back to the garden! She started her formal landscape design education enrolling in the Landscape Technology program at PCC in Portland, Oregon. Holly founded The White Pear in 2006, inspiring people to make their gardens and outdoor living spaces more beautiful, functional, and healthy.

Through the lens of a photographer, she sees beauty, light, and composition. Through the eyes of an interior designer, she can pull together a complete and cohesive outdoor living space. As a garden designer, she sees infinite combinations within the plant world. Through these experiences, Holly brings a unique perspective to the world of garden design and outdoor living.